Rob Gronkowski confirms he’ll be at Patriots’ minicamp

The rumors of Rob Gronkowski retiring is a thing a of the past.

The Patriots tight end confirmed to reporters he will attend minicamp this week after skipping organized team activities.

My show was canceled and I was having difficult relationships with my BFFs, Union continued. It was everyone’s fault but my own and I literally found myself under my bed with my dog.

Union considered herself a troll and a hater until she came face to face with her issues and worked with a life coach to help her change her ways.

I hate the high road, Union said, laughing. It’s like getting on the 405 at 4 o’clock on a Friday. I get the attention back on me because I’m talking s–t about the hot girl.

Though the Bring It On star has evolved in her personal life, her friendships and her career, she admitted she was typically the problem in her relationships.

In Jacksonville, there are no issues.

Dareus played well last season for the Jaguars, and in his first offseason in Jacksonville, he’s drawing praise from coach Doug Marrone for his work ethic.

I’m very happy with the way he’s worked, the way he has come into camp, Marrone said, via Mike Kaye of First Coast News. I think those are things he has done a much better job of than what maybe he had done in the past. I can appreciate that and see that in him.

Marrone and Jaguars front office boss Tom Coughlin are known for believing in tough summer practices, but Dareus said he’s enjoying it.

I just want to do the best we can, Dareus said. We just push each other and let’s go. Give me what you got, I’ll give you what I’ve got and when you’re tired, just let me know and I’m right there to pick up where you left off and vice versa.