The mock drafts would be a lot more convoluted in these years

“There was, like, this,” she stops to open her arms, puts her lips together and makes a sound similar to dropping a cannonball into a body of water.

It took Schakowsky time to grasp the full scope of the need for players’ health advocates, even as she took up the banner. She talked with constituents who blew up her phone that March after the roundtable and realized the enormous hold football has on American culture. She met with retired NHL players in October and watched middle-aged men cry because they couldn’t remember things.

Schakowsky was born in a quiet Northside neighborhood in Chicago to two eastern European Jews who came to America at the height of the Nazi occupation across the ocean. By 1969, she was a young mother, who had grown annoyed by not knowing what basic items were fresh at local supermarkets and so organized the National Consumers Union (eventually changed later to National Consumers United) which, she jokes, was a “modest name for a group with six people.”

Buffalo jumps all the way from No. 19 to No. 2 in 2016 and from No. 8 to No. 1 in 2014. Meanwhile, the Browns drop out of the top three again in 2016 and fall two spots each in 2014 and 2013.

The mock drafts would be a lot more convoluted in these years, but there are a few interesting situations:

What do the Giants and Jets do with the first two picks in 2015? The Jets could certainly use Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota, but the Giants may be better served trading that pick away. Maybe the Buccaneers or Titans would want to come up from No. 4 or No. 5, respectively, to secure a franchise quarterback.

Mike Tirico replaces Al Michaels on ‘Thursday Night Football’

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Mike Tirico will slot in to call play-by-play on NBC’s broadcasts of Thursday Night Football this upcoming NFL season.
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The network got the green light from the NFL to have Tirico replace Al Michaels, who will still do the playcalling for Sunday Night Football.

Cris Collingsworth will remain as the NFL analyst for both Thursday and Sunday games featured on NBC.

Then why’d they go get Glennon?Lynch said, via The MMQB’s Peter King.

It’s important to note that the car washing scene isn’t reality. As I said there’s a lot going on here. We got to this point through a wavy transition, which is the ultimate sign of a dream sequence.

In the car-washing dream Gronk is impressed by a butt.

Part of the reason why the Seahawks need a reliable backup quarterback is because their cheesecloth O-line keeps getting Russell Wilson wrecked. Seattle ranked 28th in the league last fall after letting Wilson and his backups get sacked on more than 7 percent of passing plays. Wilson has used, uh, bubble water to stay remarkably resilient, but it’s clear Pete Carroll needs a contingency plan as his star quarterback gets older.

Wilfork: Draft was a dream come true. Everybody that gets in this game and gets drafted, as a kid you dream of being an NFL football player and for that dream to come true, man, it was an amazing feeling. It was one of the perfect things in my life because when I was four to five years old, that’s all I dreamed about was being a football player, an NFL football player, to be the best.