Thomas Rawls makes Seahawks true NFC playoff beast again

Thomas Rawls didn’t get to play in the playoffs as a rookie. He’s wasting no time making up for lost time.

The Seahawks have been waiting for the Rawls who rushed for 161 yards in Saturday night’s 26-6 playoff rout of the Lions for a long time.

His 2015 season was cut short by a broken ankle, just as he was dominating in December as Seattle’s feature back. His ’16 season was limited to nine regular-season games after he suffered a fibula injury early.

With his team having more offensive line woes, Rawls posted only one effective game before running all over the Lions. In Week 12, he flew out of the gate in the first half against the Panthers and rumbled for 106 yards total, leading to a 40-7 dismantling of Carolina.

Bottom line: When the Seahawks are blocking like they did against the Lions and Rawls is bursting through holes like he did, they won’t lose in the playoffs, all the way through Super Bowl 51.

No, the Falcons didn’t condonedog-fighting by inviting Vick to the game. Because, again, he paid for that crime. He has expressed public remorse. He has worked with the Humane Society to help end dog-fighting. He is not who he used to be. This petition suggests change isnt possible. Or that if it is possible, it should be ignored and previous malfeasance should define someone forever. This, of course, is silly.

It would be understandable if Vick was still awaiting trial, or was unrepentant, or arrogant, or showed no signs that incarceration and humiliation had changed him. But That’s not the case.jays_1209_07538b1818b8e436-180x180