Braves fan eats dirt in race against super hero

Dontari Poe Jersey
Brandon Dubinsky Jersey One poor Braves fan on Friday learned a painful lesson in premature celebrations.

The fan was tasked with beating the freeze, a between-innings race where he got a 200-foot head start against what looks to be a super hero, The Freeze. Everything was going well until the fan decided to coast to the finish line and, well, you can see the rest for yourself.

If this poor fan ever finds himself in a similar position — how many chances do you get to race a super hero, really? — I’m sure he’ll sprint from start to finish, and at least maintain his dignity.

Teixeira was clearly a first-round talent, but rumors about his signability made clubs hesitant to draft him in 1998. The Red Sox took a calculated chance with this ninth-round pick, but Teixeira, soured by the entire process , gladly played at Georgia Tech instead. A couple years later, the Rangers made him the fifth overall pick in the draft.

The Twins picked Grace in the January MLB Draft (MLB had both January and June drafts from 1966-86) out of junior college. Instead of taking the money , though, he transferred to San Diego State and hit .395 for the Aztecs, but that didn’t help his stock much. The Cubs picked him in the 24th round of the June draft, and he hit .332 in 270 minor-league games before finishing second in the NL rookie of the year voting in 1988.

The Yankees pushed hard to sign Jackson out of high school, reportedly offering $250,000 to persuade him not to attend Auburn and play both football and baseball. You know how that worked out, though. Still, it’s fun to imagine what might have happened if Jackson had focused solely on baseball his entire career (and thinking about him on George Steinbrenner’s Yankees is almost too much to comprehend).