Rick Ross’ new album opener produced by Miami Hurricanes starter Chad Thomas

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College football players have a lot on their plates to begin with, between daily practices and workouts, film sessions, and a full class schedule. But one college football player, Miami starting defensive end Chad Thomas, has managed to balance all this while becoming one of the hottest up-and-coming producers in the Miami, Fla. hip-hop scene.

The Washington Post recently interviewed Thomas, whose producer name is Major Nine. Thomas’ most recent production is Rick Ross’ Apple of My Eye, which is the opening track on his new album Rather You Than Me, that was released just last week.

So how did this pair come together? Thomas, who has recorded 62 total tackles during his Miami career, said that he first met Ross through one of his high school teammates, back when he was a five-star recruit out of Booker T. Washington High School. A woman who worked with Ross had a son on his team, and she set up a meeting with Ross at a local Dave & Buster is.

I met Ross in high school, and we kinda connected. He treated me like his little brother. He knew I was into music, and he knew I was into rapping. I don’t think he really knew I made beats and all that. I like doing that more than rapping. We did a song with Lil Dred called Hurt Nobody probably a year back. That was the first time he was on my beat, but it wasn’t his song. Sam Sneak, his DJ, kept hitting me up saying, Send me some beats. He never told me what it was for. I Would send him everything I made. Out of nowhere, he called me and said, I got him on your beat.
@rickyrozay remember this one? I was just a small fry taking in the words of a boss. pic.twitter.com/ih2AMyJs8D
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— MajorNine (@MajorNine) March 19, 2017
Thomas says he first recognized how much his music could impact and reach other people during the Under Armour Combine back in 2014. He also says making music is something he can fall back on when his football career ends one day.