Ezekiel Elliott’s over/under for rushing yards in 2016 is absurdly low

There’s plenty of backs who topple the number as rookies too, so it’s not an absurd number to ask for — since 2010 there are nine different rookies who rushed for more than 900 yards in their first season.

Todd Gurley did it in 2015 despite missing multiple games to start the season and not having a quarterback. Two teams — the Rams and Buccaneers — have multiple players on the list. Gurley and Zac Stacey pulled off the feat for the Rams, while Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount did it for the Bucs.

The lesson there? If you have a team committed to running the ball, you can easily eclipse such a low hurdle.

Trent Richardson even made the list! Oddly enough, the only rookie running back who didn’t top 900 yards when given 220 touches since 2010? Le’Veon Bell.

Much trickier to figure out? The over/under for Derrick Henry at 600 yards. The Alabama product should break that number, except he’s got to battle Murray for touches.

The most surprising news of the 2016 NFL offseason belongs to Patriots tight end (and notorious partier) Rob Gronkowski. On Wednesday, Gronkowski revealed to the world that he doesn’t drink often and he doesn’t like beer because it “tastes weird.”

So, Gronk — who hosted a party on a cruise ship, chugged a beer during the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade, chugged a bottle of Fireball during that same parade, held a contest to party with him on a party bus, celebrated at least one birthday in Las Vegas, and judged a bikini contest named after a beer (to list a few of his extracurricular activities) — wants us to believe he rarely drinks?


Gronk had previously opened up about his bad feelings for wine, but this beer thing is new. The revelation came during a sit down with Katie Nolan for DraftKings.

This year’s class could provide some level of excitement, but we’ll see what happens with Corey Coleman as the potential No. 1 option in Cleveland, Josh Doctson relative to DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon in Washington, and if Teddy Bridgewater can elevate Laquon Treadwell’s game in Minnesota. One of my favorite rookies is Giants receiver Sterling Shepard, who could start right away opposite Beckham.

Here’s why Tom Brady’s cookbook costs an absurd $200

Brady’s company justifies the $200 price tag by pointing out that the “manual is printed and hand assembled in the United States, and is printed on thick 100 pound text paper. The covers are made from natural wood with a laser-etched TB12 logo and title.”

Plus, Brady’s name is on it. It’s easily worth $200. I think. I don’t know much about cookbooks, but I do know that I’d probably feel a lot better about the purchase if it came with an autograph.

Anyway, before you actually purchase one of these cookbooks, keep in mind that the recipes are part of a “TB12-aligned nutrition plan.”

What does that mean?

Well, if Brady’s diet is the inspiration for this cookbook, then it means you can’t eat any of that stuff I mentioned above (sugar, white flour, olive oil, iodized salt, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, all caffeine and dairy).

Brady’s personal chef revealed in January that the Patriots quarterback eats “80 percent” vegetables. The quarterback also eats whole grains like, “brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans.”

Brady is also allowed to eat lean meats like grass-fed organic steak, duck, chicken and wild salmon.

I’m guessing there’s at least one recipe for wild salmon and quinoa in the cookbook.

Unfortunately, Brady’s cookbook is sold out online, so we can’t tell you the exact recipes in it. However, we can tell you there’s a recipe for “Sweet potato gnocchi with escarole.”
Sounds delicious.

There’s also a recipe for avocado ice cream.

If you’re hoping to score a Brady cookbook, they won’t be back in stock until early June.

If you can’t wait that long, here’s a recipe for avocado ice cream that doesn’t cost $200.

Finally, it’s probably worth mentioning that Brady’s $200 cookbook isn’t even the most expensive book that’s been sold by someone in his family. Gisele sold a $700 coffee table book back in November.

Gisele’s limited-edition book sold out everywhere.

If you log on to Twitter later this month and notice that Aaron Rodgers is live-tweeting episodes of The Bachelorette, there’s actually a real good reason for that: His brother will be one of the contestants this season.

As the person who annually organizes The Bachelorette pool here at CBSSports.com, it’s my job to notice when the brother of a star NFL quarterback is appearing on the show, and that’s what’s happening here.

Aaron’s brother Jordan will be one of 26 contestants hoping to woo bachelorette JoJo Fletcher on this season’s version of the show, which premieres on May 23 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

If you don’t know who JoJo is — and I don’t blame you — here’s a quick refresher.

Poor JoJo was a finalist on a recent season of The Bachelor, but she didn’t get an engagement ring because she ended up getting dumped after making it to the final two.

But, Fisher added, “we want them to be football players, not actors.”

On its surface, there would appears to be little upside in taking part in Hard Knocks. But Fisher talked with several coaches from teams previously on the show to make sure it wouldn’t put the Rams at a competitive disadvantage.

As Farmer writes, “The last six Hard Knocks teams have matched or improved their win-loss record from the previous season, and the Cincinnati Bengals (2009, 2013), New York Jets (2010) and Houston Texans (2015) all made the playoffs in the season they were featured.”

Who knows, maybe this turns out to be one of the best decisions in Fisher’s coaching career, though defensive lineman Aaron Donald seems unconcerned about it all.

Jaguars reportedly don’t plan to sign Greg Hardy after workout

Hardy was convicted in a bench trial; however, Hardy appealed the conviction, and the charges were later dropped in February 2015. The case was dismissed after Holder refused to cooperate with the district attorney.

Hardy came under even more fire after photos showing a badly-bruised Holder were released in November 2015.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys didn’t want to deal with Hardy after just one season — not after that season included a heated sideline argument and inappropriate comments directed at Tom Brady’s wife. So far, the Jaguars don’t appear to want the potential headache either.

Had the Jaguars signed Hardy, they would’ve added another star to an already revamped defense. Earlier this offseason, the team signed Malik Jackson, Prince Amukamara, and Tashaun Gipson. Then, they went ahead and drafted two top-five talents in Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack. And don’t forget they’ll be re-gaining 2015 first-round pick Dante Fowler, who missed all of last year.

The Jaguars appear to be on the rise in the AFC South. But Hardy apparently won’t be joining them for that climb.、

Elliott’s father, Stacy, also denied the charges via Dallascowboys.com’s Nick Eatman.

Statement from Ezekiel Elliott’s father Stacy: “The reported allegations and Internet postings regarding our son are completely false.”
— Nick Eatman (@nickeatman) July 22, 2016

Moreover, WFAA’s Mike Leslie and Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill each reported on Twitter that the Cowboys believe Elliott might have been the victim of a setup.

High-ranking #Cowboys source says that Ezekiel Elliott has messages saved on his phone proving his ex-girlfriend is trying to set him up.
— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) July 22, 2016

Per a source, Elliott broke off the relationship and alleged victim said she would ruin him if he did. Thus the accusations
— Clarence Hill (@clarencehilljr) July 22, 2016

Adding yet another bizarre twist to the story, the woman accusing Elliott of domestic violence later filed a second police report, per TMZ, with claims that Elliott has hit her several times over the previous week. Elliott reportedly denied ever hitting her in any serious way to police for this report, too. TMZ reported separately that it heard a 911 call from the alleged victim in which she calmly explains to police that she considered waiting a day to file an additional report.