2018 NFL Draft order: Browns will pick No. 1 for second straight year

The Browns have one more chance to get a win in 2017, but at least they’ll enter the final week of a miserable season with the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft secured.

Cleveland managed to lock down the top pick for the second consecutive year with a 20-3 loss at the Bears on Sunday that dropped the visitors to 0-15 this season. The result ensured the Giants, 2-12 entering a late-afternoon game at the Cardinals, would not be able to “catch” Cleveland by losing out.

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The marquee matchup of Sunday’s late games was Seahawks vs. Cowboys, which amounted to a playoff elimination game in Dallas. Neither Seattle nor Dallas entered Week 16 with a good chance to make the postseason, but don’t tell that to the Seahawks, who pulled off an ugly win and kept their playoff hopes alive.

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