O’Brien has one season remaining on the five-year contract he signed when taking over as head coach of the Texans in 2014.

“I don’t have any comment on that,” O’Brien said Sunday. “I don’t control that. I don’t control that. I’m the head coach. I have a boss, and he controls that. I’ll meet with him, I’m sure, at some point, and we’ll decide what direction he wants to go.”

Last week, O’Brien said he would be willing to coach the final season without signing a contract extension and said earlier this month that he “will never quit as head football coach of the Houston Texans. Ever.”

After Sunday’s loss to the Colts, O’Brien called his first losing season as an NFL coach “absolutely brutal.” O’Brien is now 31-33 in his four seasons in Houston.

The Browns will hope that Gordon is able to be more useful this time around, despite his lengthy time away from the field. Other players have returned from absences, but a comeback after nearly three years is a different story.

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