The axiom goes that champions are built through the NFL Draft.

By my count, the Chiefs are starting 16 players who they drafted, with just one of those players — veteran linebacker Derrick Johnson — having been on the roster longer than Reid.

This team has been built in Reid’s image, particularly on offense where the Chiefs have finally stockpiled a critical mass of squat, fast-twitch, space-destroyers to hornswoggle the league.
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Every time around this year, you get the story that the Patriots only employ lefty punters, as they do this year with Ryan Allen. They do this, the announcers love telling us, because Bill Belichick knows returners have a difficult time picking up the spin on the ball and also because Bill Belichick doesn’t see people as human beings, just collections of body parts that he can use to win another trophy and, thus, for another year at least, keep quiet the ghosts that haunt him.

Also, I know this started out as a kicking column, but we’re gonna have to throw punting in as well because if it’s just kicking this is going to devolve by like Week 3 into Giorgio Tavecchio erotic fan fiction. That still might happen, actually.

Demaryius Thomas Elite Jersey He also made history. Two of those kicks came from 52 yards, making him the first NFL player to kick a pair of 50+ yard field goals in his debut.

Tavecchio was born in Milan, Italy but moved to the United States as a child. He played his high school football at Campolindo High School in Moraga, California — a city approximately 13 miles from Oakland. He was an effective kicker, though his thick Italian accent occasionally made things difficult for his teammates. Via The Mercury News:

We had a punt-nerd-out go viral this weekend! This doesn’t happen often, but, oh boy, when it does. Former NFL punter Pat McAfee broke down this video of Rams’ Johnny Hekker, and for us in the Laces Brigade this was just like mainlining that good stuff.