Kaepernick reportedly won’t be protesting like that next season

Limited Womens Britton Colquitt Jersey Neither pick addressed actual needs for the 49ers. In free agency, their most bullish signing was Kyle Juszcyk, a fullback who received the highest contract ever for the position.

So why the lackluster rebuild? Why did the 49ers ignore their primary needs, pass on finding their quarterback of the future and instead leave their roster in brutal shape for 2017?

I certainly have an understanding and an awareness of how things can kind of get changed around and until I actually heard that directly 鈥?if he said that, then everybody is entitled to their opinion and I can understand that and the bottom line is this 鈥?I’ve never been a head coach before, I haven’t won a game, I haven’t done anything, McVay said. So, it’s going to be a great challenge and we’re confident with the guys that we do have.

I know that it’s going to be a great learning curve and I’m not going to pretend to have the answers to things that I don’t know. But what I am going to do is continue to look at myself critically and try to be the best head coach and leader that I can be for this team and this organization.

Limited Womens Paul Worrilow Jersey Kaepernick reportedly won’t be protesting like that next season, but many potential future coaches and teammates still will feel they can’t stand by what he already has done. Kaepernick doesn’t need to worry about that with the Seahawks.

Kaepernick already has a great challenge in finding another team because of how he’s played football of late, including some durability concerns. Combined with the controversy, the reality is that his free agency options are limited.