On Tuesday, he said it was the frustration of losing a playoff game he barely played in that pushed him to vent.

“I’ve always wanted to win a championship, and I’ve always been a part of the equation, and what happened last year is, I just wanted to win,” Hali said on Facebook Live. “I think anybody can bear with me, understand that, the frustration of losing a game in the playoff and barely playing. Being a competitor as myself, you just want to win. And that was basically what the rant was about.”

Hali also drew a parallel between the Patriots with Aaron Hernandez and Paterno’s role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

After 4,727 passing yards and 39 touchdowns in 2014, he threw just nine touchdowns with 17 interceptions in 10 regular season games in 2015. The end came quick, and the reality is that it could strike just as fast for Brees.

The end hasn’t looked near, though.

“Drew is not 38,” Saints linebacker Craig Robertson told NOLA.com. “That’s just chronological right now. Drew is definitely like 26. He killed everybody in the conditioning test.”

Back in 2005, Brees’ time with the San Diego Chargers ended with a labrum tear that required surgery to repair. Miami Dolphins doctors were so nervous about the injury that they advised the team to steer clear of signing Brees. But in 11 seasons with the Saints, he’s missed only two games.

Brees dealt with minor knee problems in 2010 and 2013 and had shoulder and foot injuries in 2015, but for the most part, he’s stayed healthy. So much so, that Brees believes he could play much longer.patriots_322-180x180