Kevin Durant: Being able to lift weights ‘doesn’t matter’ in NBA

Limited Eric Lindros Jersey Kevin Durant has earned the nickname Slim Reaper for a reason. He’s a wiry player, standing tall with not much meat on his bones. But he’s also a former league MVP and one of the most dangerous players in the game, which is why he’s telling top NBA Draft prospects to skip the upcoming combine.

In an interview with ESPN, Durant had plenty of crticisms of the combine. His 2007 performance at the event has been well-documented as he had a terrible showing, most notably being the only prospect at the time who failed to bench press 185 pounds.

Limited Chris Givens Jersey It also serves as a rallying cry and source of motivation for the Grit and Grind crew, which is particularly important when playing a team such as the Spurs. San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich has built up such a great deal of respect around the league it’s almost difficult to really want to crush the Spurs. They don’t have someone who shimmies after a made 3-pointer like Stephen Curry or James Harden. There is no King to dethrone like LeBron James. There’s not much trash talk traded back and forth. Go out, get 50-plus wins in the regular season, compete for a title, repeat.

Fizdale gave his players a little extra push by saying, They’re not gonna rook us. The first-year head coach is tapping into every underdog story in order to drive the Grizzlies toward a rare comeback. If it doesn’t work, what’s the harm? If Memphis does steal a couple games or somehow the series, it’ll be looked at as a turning point.

Not to completely discount the importance of strategy, but a lot of coaching comes down to more than drawing Xs and Os. Fizdale understands that. Sure, the rant cost him $30,000, but he may have gotten much more back in return.